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8 Common Signs of Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are becoming common among homeowners and apartment renters, mostly living in densely populated areas. Although bed bugs don’t transmit any diseases, they can be a nuisance. They can also cause psychological effects like stress, insomnia, anxiety, and physical reactions like rash or allergy.

Bed bugs are sneaky, and you might not realize they’re in the house before seeing one. But if you’re keen enough, some signs can warn you about bed bug presence. Here are eight signs you have bedbugs in the house. Here are some common signs of bed bugs.

Blood or Rusty-Colored Stains

Blood or rusty-colored stain is one of the signs of bed bugs in your home. Bed bugs are insects that majorly feed on human blood. When you squash a bug while or after feeding, it will leave a bloodstain on your bed sheet.

Bed bugs are perfect at sneaking. If you’re not careful, you can’t see them in their hiding corridors. Ensure you conduct a thorough check-up and visit hidden places like box springs, mattress seams, and wooden framing. 

Itchy Red Spots

Itchy red spots are always a sign of bed bug infection. Irritation on your skin or red itchy welts on your legs, face, back, or chest comes from bed bug bites. Huge bed bug bites lead to an inflamed, itching experience that causes bleeding and infection on your skin when they burst.

However, not all bites are caused by bed bugs. Other insects such as mosquito bites are also common. But the difference is bed bug bites occur in a systematic pattern. For instance, it occurs in a cluster, straight row, and zigzag line that all occur depending on your skin.

Presence of Eggs

Female bed bugs are known for laying oval and white eggs after mating. They lay very tiny eggs that many people may easily overlook. Bed bugs lay their eggs in hidden places like under the bed, in cracks, or crevices. Once you identify the presence of these eggs, this is a definite reason to consider fumigation, repainting walls, and sealing the cracks as your immediate pest control measures.

Unexplained Musty Odor

That awful odor you’ve been experiencing can detect the presence of bed bugs in your room. Bed bugs release pheromones that appear strong depending on the number of bugs present on the premises. If you notice such an unfamiliar musty odor, don’t hesitate to apply appropriate pest control measures at your home to contain the situation.

Collection of Bed Bug Shells

Have you ever come across a collection of bed bug shells in your luxury place? That’s no doubt that there are these nasty creatures in your home. Bed bugs shed their skins when growing. The shell appears in light-colored husks, which take the bed bugs’ shape. They are mostly found beneath your furniture, mattresses, cushions, etc. Don’t carry out pest extermination to ensure you kill all the existing bugs.

Presence of Live Bed Bugs

The presence of live and walking bed bugs is the obvious sign that your house is infested. Bed bugs don’t like to wander around, but if you spot one around, perhaps it’s pregnant trying to avoid overzealous males or searching for food.

You might also notice some while doing your clean-up routine or packing for a journey. Live bugs will have to migrate because you have to destroy their hiding places.

Presence of Fecal Marks

These are tiny, dark, or black spots that indicate bed bugs’ presence. Mostly, fecal marks are clustered, and they appear around harborage areas, sheep surfaces, on cloths, etc. Fecal marks come from bug droppings that consist of digested human blood that makes it visible, especially on a bright surface.

Getting Second-Hand Mattress & Furniture

Second-hand items are always cheaper, and many people prefer them to cut their expenditures. But the most worrying is that if you buy second-hand furniture or used mattresses, you are likely to bring bed bugs into your home. To get rid of bed bugs, pest extermination is the best exercise.


Now that you understand the signs of bedbugs, you can take appropriate measures to eradicate them and save your home. Consider calling professional pest extermination experts to help you get rid of bedbugs from your home forever.

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