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How To: Get Rid Of Pantry Moths

How To: Get Rid Of Pantry Moths

If you have ever dealt with pantry moths, you are aware of how aggravating and annoying they can be. Not only do they contaminate your food, but they can also be difficult to eliminate. However, we are here to aid you.


Fortunately, getting rid of them is simple if you know how. In this article, we will discuss how to eradicate pantry moths permanently. Read on to discover how to reclaim your kitchen!


Inspect your pantry for evidence of moths and moth damage. Moth larvae will consume food packaging, and adult moths can be distinguished by their wing span. If you discover any trace of moths, you must eliminate them immediately.

Check all food packets for evidence of insect infestation. Moth larvae can be small and hard to see, but if you see tiny white worms within a package of food, that’s a dead giveaway.



Clean your pantry to perfection. This involves sweeping and vacuuming the floors, wiping down all surfaces, and removing any expired or opened food that has not been consumed recently. Next, take all tainted food from the pantry and dispose of it in outdoor trash cans. Bag all remaining food to be inspected for larvae.



Finally, give any wayward moths a few days to perish before replenishing your pantry. This should reduce the likelihood of future infestations and expedite the elimination of existing ones!


Pantry moths are a widespread nuisance that can be difficult to eliminate. The most effective method for preventing them from taking over your pantry is to keep it tidy and clean.

Here are some suggestions for eliminating pantry moths:


  1. Thoroughly clean your pantry to start. Be sure to discard any opened food that has expired.

Then, wipe the shelves and floors of your pantry with soapy water after vacuuming them.

On the shelves of your pantry, place bay leaves. The bay leaves will discourage the return of the moths.

  1. Place any contaminated things in a plastic bag and freeze them for several days. This eliminates the moths.

Final Verdict

There are numerous ways to eliminate pantry moths, but the most effective approach to keep them from returning is to avoid rotting food. Moth larvae will consume nearly anything high in protein and carbs, thus it is crucial to monitor foods that have been stored for extended durations.

If your cabinets or closets begin to smell musty, examine your containers! Please ensure that they are clean and clear of crumbs before placing your belongings back inside.

Once the insects have been eliminated, you can replenish the pantry. Simply monitor your food and store it in airtight containers to avoid repeat infestations.

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