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02.1 - important ant control advice

Important Ant Control Advice

Ants frequently leave a trail toward dwellings when temperatures rise and natural supplies become more limited. As a result, ant prevention should be a major priority. Santee Pest Control, your helpful pest, mosquito, and termite management – and grounds care – expert, can assist you with this.

What draws ants into your home when they seem completely comfortable outside, crawling across your patio or along sidewalks? Food is the simple solution.

The most prevalent ant species in California is the Argentine ant, which is distinguished by its huge colony sizes and aggressive foraging habits. Odd house, pavement, and pharaoh ants are also among the state’s most bothersome ants.

To effectively handle your ant problem, you must correctly identify the kind of ants you are dealing with as each one may call for a different control strategy. Your Santee Pest Control professional may assist in making a conclusive determination and then propose the appropriate course of action.

Tips for Ant Prevention & Control

Eliminating the source of attraction and the entry points that ants use to enter your property will most effectively stop them from leaving a trail of destruction.

  • Keep your house tidy: Removing food spills, crumbs, and other food sources that can attract ants on a regular basis. Pay close attention to the surfaces in the kitchen, at the table, and in any other area where food is made or consumed. Kitchens, pantries, cupboards, and indoor and outdoor dining places are alluring to ants because they have a sweet craving.
  • Proper food storage: Keep all food, including pet food, in containers that are tightly sealed. Transferring food to sealed containers will help avoid infestations because ants can readily access open food packages.
  • Seal access points: Check your home for any cracks, openings, or gaps that ants might exploit to get inside. To prevent access, weatherstrip or caulk these entry locations.
  • Eliminate potential nesting locations: Ants frequently construct their nests outside, in places like firewood stacks, tree stumps, and overgrown plants. These possible nesting locations should be eliminated or moved far from your house.
  • Trim plants: Cut back trees, shrubs, and other vegetation that hang over your house. Breaking contact will lessen the likelihood of an infestation because ants can use these as bridges to enter your home.
  • Reduce excess moisture: Look for and eliminate any sources of standing water around your property, since these may draw particular ant species. To avoid water buildup, fix any leaks or plumbing problems. Ants are drawn to wetness, which can be found in sinks, leaking faucets, and even inadequately caulked shower and bath enclosures, in addition to crumbs and spills.
  • Clean outdoor trash and recycling cans: To avoid attracting ants, make sure your outdoor trash cans are well-sealed and are cleaned frequently.

If you believe your home has an ant problem, contact California’s dependable, amiable ant control specialist. The pest control experts at Santee Pest Control appreciate your assistance in preventing unwelcome pests from entering your house and yard until the next time.

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