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Preparing for Spring: Pest Control Tips

As spring is just around the corner, you might be wondering how to prepare your home for any pests that might be lurking around trying to make their way indoors. Here are a few tips for keeping your home clean in spring while keeping bugs at bay.

Remove Any Standing Water or Leaks

Pests prefer to hide in dark, damp spots and love spending time in and around standing water. This implies that any water source within a reasonable distance of your property attracts undesirable insects. And If you don’t clean up the water surrounding your house immediately, flies, mosquitoes, cockroaches, and various other annoying bugs can invade your home.

Make sure to seal the pipes in the bathroom and kitchen, fix and inspect for leaks, check the drains and keep the gutters clean to avoid any pest infestation.

Seal All the Entry Points to Your Home

During spring, pests are most likely to enter your homes for food, water, and shelter. Most of these pests easily make their way into your home through tiny spaces and cracks that you may overlook. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that your house doesn’t have entry points that insects can easily access.

Before spring arrives, make sure to fill the minor gaps beneath window frames, around plumbing lines, and near doorways. Use caulk to seal any big holes or spaces around your exterior walls to keep rats, spiders, and other insects out of your home. These preventative measures will assist you in keeping your house free of bugs and rodents as spring approaches.

Get Rid of Vegetation

Foliage, fallen branches, bushes, leaves, and other debris provide perfect hiding spots for various pests to reproduce and nest. If the vegetation is closer to your house or building, you run a higher risk of pest infestation. That’s why it is crucial to get rid of this vegetation as soon as possible.

Keep Shrubs & Trees Trimmed

Pests often build their homes in the grass that grows right up against the exterior of your home. As the spring season approaches, these pests emerge from their winter hideouts and use overhanging tree branches and tall shrubs as bridges to invade your home. Keep your trees, bushes, and grass maintained in the spring to reduce your chances of having a pest issue.

Reduce Clutter

Decluttering your home is the most effective approach to keep pests away in the spring. A crowded space provides additional hiding spots to rodents, cockroaches, and bed bugs and makes detection and eradication incredibly difficult. Make sure there is no clutter in basements, garages, and storage rooms, as these are perfect places for insects to hide. Discard all the excessive stuff such as outdated magazines, newspapers, and paper waste from your home. Replace cardboard boxes with plastic containers, and store your belongings appropriately to avoid a pest infestation.

Remove Garbage Containers Near the House

As waste containers attract all kinds of irritating and harmful insects, keeping them next to your home is an invitation for pests to infiltrate. Remove these garbage containers from the vicinity of your house to prevent pests from gathering.

Inside your home, don’t allow waste to pile up in your trash can, and dispose of it regularly. Always cover the trash can with a tight-fitting lid to keep insects away from the garbage.

Get Professional Help

No matter what the season, hiring a pest control company is always helpful in eliminating these troublesome vermin. Santee Pest Control has a team of qualified professionals that can effectively diagnose, monitor, and treat any pest infestation in the spring season.

If you need any help preparing your home for springtime, get in touch with us right now.

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