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Tips to Keep Rodents and Squirrels Out of Your Home

Tips to Keep Rodents and Squirrels Out of Your Home

Replace Old Materials

Are your home’s dryer, attic, and roof vents damaged, obsolete, or both? They need to be replaced. Rodents and squirrels can easily chew through ducts to access your attic or home.

Don’t Hang Bird Feeders

Mice and squirrels have been spotted feeding at bird feeders. Due to their remarkable climbing abilities, squirrels like breaking into bird feeders. Even if squirrels don’t eat from your bird feeders, birds will. As they consume, birds drop seeds, creating mounds on the ground. This readily available food source draws mice and rats to your property. What is the following stop? In your house.

Fill Fissures & Holes

Take a stroll outside your residence. Look for fissures and cracks that can be plugged with steel wool or foam. Because mice cannot consume steel wool, getting it correctly the first time is crucial. Mice have little bodies and can squeeze through spaces as narrow as 14 inches. Mice that have access to your residence will nest in wall cavities, insulation, attics, refrigerators, under stoves, and dishwashers. As soon as these hazards are discovered, it is best to respond proactively.

Avoid Using Essential Oils

They are ineffective in pest control. If it were that straightforward, pest control firms would cease to exist. The entry point must be sealed if mice or squirrels infiltrate your home. Consider it in light of this. If a bird continued to fly through a broken window, would you repair it or spray essential oils into the gap?

Maintain Order

Regularly sweep up crumbs in your home. Pay particular attention to problem areas prone to be overlooked, such as behind stoves and dishwashers. Grass and bird seeds are stored in garages using Tupperware or other containers with secure closures.

Maintain Pet Food in an Appropriate Manner

Mice that have invaded your home can gain access to pet food. Instead of leaving it out during the day, pet food should be dumped overnight.

Monitor Your Garage

Garages provide accessible entryways into the home. Small foundational cracks and garage door gaps might allow water to enter your garage. Mice can readily enter the basement from the carport. Have you found any animal droppings in your basement? It could be your attached garage’s fault.

Cover Your Gutters

Covering your gutters and fixing or replacing faulty drains will prevent mice and squirrels from entering your attic through holes. Even more pests, including mosquitoes, prefer standing water, which can be created by clogged gutters or neglect.

Do Not Introduce Pests Into the Wild

Although it appears to be a gentle method for squirrel removal, this technique causes more damage than it prevents. If a squirrel is relocated, it will very definitely perish. The squirrel will suffer if abandoned in an unknown environment without access to food, water, or shelter. As a result of being displaced, squirrels risk becoming prey for predators and losing temporary protection. You may accidentally separate parents and children, leaving the children defenseless and helpless.

Do Frequent Inspections

Take a stroll outside your residence. Inspect the utility pipes in your basement for any previously unnoticed holes. If you find cracks in your home’s foundation, follow the line to locate potential weak places. Are there any fruiting trees on your property? Throw away fallen fruit and seal trash cans tightly to keep squirrels at bay. Use a flashlight to enter your basement. Examine any cracks you find, then search for an exterior sight line. It is likely large enough for a mouse to get through if you can see through it. Cover all of these locations to prevent possible infestations.

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