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Why are Ants so Hard to Eliminate & How to Get Rid of Them | Santee pest Control

Why are Ants so Hard to Eliminate & How to Get Rid of Them

It is believed that there are roughly one quadrillion ants on our planet. To put that in perspective, it infers that for every person on Earth, there are around 150000 ants. It’s no surprise that they can break into our kitchens, take our food, and appear in any room of our house without any indication. Anyone who has dealt with ants knows they are a formidable foe, and apparently, it is impossible to do enough to get rid of them completely.

Why are ants so hard to eliminate?

Following are the most prominent reasons that make ants so hard to eliminate.

Hard-to-Reach Nest Locations

When it comes to insects, ants are the smartest of them all. They usually build their nests underground, in walls, beneath cabinets, and other hard-to-reach locations where humans can’t access them easily. Getting to an ant colony sometimes requires excavating a significant portion of surface mud or tearing through the foundation of a home or building, making it extremely challenging to eradicate them from their nests because these locations are inaccessible.

Overwhelming Numbers

Ants live in massive colonies, and their number can lead to hundreds of thousands. The overwhelming quantity of ants makes it incredibly difficult to eliminate them entirely. Due to their small size and agility, ants can move from one place to another in no time. 

Even if you discover their nest and demolish it altogether, there will still be many survivors who will escape your wrath. There is a possibility that these surviving ants will build a new colony somewhere else and be ready to wreak havoc again.

Tenacious & Tough Creatures

Ants are acutely aware of their environment and can relocate to a safer location by rebuilding their colonies rapidly if they get demolished by someone. Ants are one of the most tenacious and tough creatures on the planet. No matter how hard you attempt to drive them away or destroy their colonies, they are here to stay. 

Resistance to Pesticides

The pesticides available on the supermarket shelves are just not adequate to get rid of these ants. If you are using these pesticides frequently, ants have the ability to develop strong immunity against them. The use of pesticides can kill a handful of ants, but the majority will indeed escape.

How to Get Rid of Ants in Your Home?

Of course, it is challenging to get rid of ants, but it is not impossible. The following are the six most effective strategies to get rid of ants in your home.

Remove The Food Source

The majority of ant species are merely hunting for food in your home. The more difficult you make it for them, the less time they will spend looking. Keeping your house immaculate can be a challenging task. At first, what seems to be a clean kitchen may include a few sugar grains on the surface or a few crumbs behind the stove. For ants, this relatively tiny amount of food is a feast. Apart from wiping off surfaces, use a vacuum every day to avoid this from happening. Also, pay special attention to the baseboards, empty spaces beneath furniture and appliances, and other spots that you might overlook.

Shut the Entryway

Ants are incredibly resourceful and will take advantage of even the tiniest gaps. Following the tracks of ants can lead you to the entry point like a crack in a window, door, or cable line entering your home. If you can find out where the ants are getting in, you can shut the entryway and remove the ant problem much more quickly. You can prevent ants from entering your house by caulking around the cable line or fixing the window with a broken seal.

Use Non-Repellents Insecticides

No matter how they do it, ants are bound to return to a food source they appreciate. Another method for killing ants is to hide a non-repellent pesticide in a protein or sugar source in the form of bait that the ants mistake for food. Ants can’t see or smell the pesticide, so they unintentionally bring it back to their colony, resulting in the queen’s demise and wiping out the entire colony, resolving the whole issue.

Pour Boiling Water Into the Crevices

Boiling water is a pragmatic solution to killing ants instantly. To get rid of ants, pour the boiling water into the crevices from where the ants usually emerge. These crevices can be a crack in the concrete wall or a hole in the ground.

Opt for Ant Sprays

Ant sprays are available for both indoor and outdoor usage. They exterminate ants on interaction and can quickly abolish an ant infestation.

Take Help from Pest Control Services

Most people try to eliminate ants using natural remedies, but ultimately, they find it quite tough to exterminate them. The minor dilemmas elevate to significant issues, prompting many individuals to seek the help of a pest control specialist. The pest control experts are very skillful in identifying the species of ants that are wreaking havoc in your household. Once they recognize the issue, they will implement the most productive methods for dealing with them. Hiring a renowned pest control company assures you peace of mind and the safety of your children and pets.

Final Thoughts

Our battle against ants, bugs, and other annoying insects is never going to end. No matter how much you try to plummet the number of these tiny creatures, they tend to survive and return. However, the treatments offered by pest control specialists, followed by rigorous commitment and attention to prevention, are the most pragmatic solutions to eradicate ant infestations.

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