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Can You Treat Bed Bugs at Home?

Can You Treat Bed Bugs at Home?

It’s natural to want to take matters into your own hands and get rid of bed bugs as soon as possible if you discover them in your home. But, aren’t there any bed bug home treatments that actually work?

Some OTC drugs and hardware store brands may be promoted as less expensive options to hiring a professional to deal with any insect problem you may be having. In this post, we’ll examine some of the most common methods for eradicating bed bugs and similar pests from your home.

Home Remedies for Bed Bugs

The best do-it-yourself treatment for bed bugs depends on a number of criteria, including the size of your home, the extent of the infestation, and whether or not you have children or pets. Although it is best to seek professional treatment, there are many tools and resources at your disposal.

A lack of knowledge, ability, or equipment makes no amount of force or ease effective in getting rid of these annoying guests. The average consumer or homeowner may need to learn when, where, and how to treat pests because some pest treatments are more successful in certain areas of the home and at various times.

Insecticides and other commercially available techniques of treating bed bugs each have their advantages and disadvantages. Pick a treatment program that is tailored to your needs. Methods commonly used for controlling pests include:


When used frequently and in conjunction with other pest management measures, foggers can be effective despite the risks and drawbacks they present. The gas to the home should be turned off before using some foggers since they are so combustible. You, your family, and your pets will need to vacate the premises for many hours while the fogger is used, as the chemicals it emits are toxic to humans and animals alike. Over the course of a few days, you may need to repeat this process several times. It’s also possible that the chemicals in foggers have a pungent smell.

Therapies Using Heat

Although bed bug heat treatment equipment is available for purchase online, it can be costly if you only need to use it once. You can swiftly eliminate bed bugs by heating an area in which you have found infested furniture or a small collection of things, such as bedding or clothing. Costing a lot of money and taking a long time, heating an entire bedroom or house to 113 degrees for long enough to kill the pests is not ideal. It’s possible that you won’t be able to maintain consistent temperatures without damaging the heating elements in the machines you buy.

Tools for Detection and Avoidance

Bed bugs prefer to crawl up vertical surfaces, such as drawers and the legs of furniture, in order to reach their sleeping host. Tiny plastic trays designed to intercept and trap bed bugs as they attempt to climb furniture legs. Interceptor traps are inefficient for eradicating bed bugs because they prevent the insects from ascending.

Is there a home remedy for bed bugs?

Eliminating a single bed insect is a simple task. However, due to their ability to rapidly reproduce, bed bugs can be challenging to locate and eradicate. The cracks in your box spring, sofa, and other furniture are perfect hiding places for bed bugs. Costing both time and money, DIY pest control methods offer no assurance that the pests will be exterminated.

Most remedies are only useful at certain points in the insect’s life cycle, so keep that in mind. Multiple approaches should be used to guarantee a thorough coating of the area and that bed bugs are completely eradicated.

DIY Pest Control vs. Expert Pest Management

There are a number of ways to eliminate bed bugs, but doing it on your own will be time-consuming and ineffective at best. The process can be sped up and improved with the help of expertise, which comprises training, experience, and specialized knowledge. Professional exterminators have access to chemicals and safety equipment that can’t be found at your neighborhood hardware store.

Pests are no match for the expertise of the technicians at Santee Pest Control. Our highly effective fumigation strategy should kill bed bugs wherever they may be hiding, such as in cabinets, behind baseboards, within mattresses, and in upholstery. Your home will be safe for newborns, toddlers, and dogs right after fumigation because it kills all phases of the bed bug life cycle (including eggs) and leaves no apparent sign.

For less severe infestations, our highly experienced personnel are also able to apply a liquid pesticide treatment. You can get back to sleeping soundly after treating bed bugs with our fast-acting liquid.

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