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Protecting the amount of money needed to buy a home is of the utmost importance. Following a tragedy like a fire or flood, homeowners...

Does My Home Have Termite Damage Insurance?

Protecting the amount of money needed to buy a home is of the utmost importance. Following a tragedy like a fire or flood, homeowners insurance is there to help you rebuild. Do homeowners’ policies, however, cover termite damage?

In this post, we’ll go into more detail about whether renters insurance will cover termite damage, why it would, and what other steps you can take to protect your home from these pesky insects.

Is homeowner’s insurance going to cover termite damage?

Standard homeowner’s policies often do not cover termite damage. A typical homeowner’s insurance policy will typically cover risks such as fire, lightning, hail, and hurricanes. Many common homes insurance plans demand that consumers acquire additional policies to cover calamities like earthquakes and floods because the risks may vary depending on the location and architecture of the home.

A homeowner’s insurance coverage may pay for the cost of fixing termite damage. This is only the case, though, if a covered risk, such as a fire, damages the residence.

Why is termite damage not covered by my typical homeowner’s policy?

The majority of insurance contracts are made to reimburse policyholders for monetary losses sustained as a result of unexpected or unintended tragedies. No matter what the homeowner did, damage to the home caused by a “covered peril” or “act of God,” like as lightning, was still insured. However, the majority of insurance firms think that termite damage may be avoided.

A termite colony may take up to five years to reach maturity and start creating the swarmers that will invade and cause damage to your property. Homeowners must take precautions against termites since insurance companies will not cover repairs needed once the infestation has become widespread.

Methods for Detecting Termites

The easiest way to avoid expensive repairs is to keep a close eye out for pests. Although most American termites are underground and concealed from view, their destruction is not.

When termites emerge from their underground colony, they may leave mud tubes around the foundation or gnaw holes in any exposed wood. Termites frequently congregate indoors and settle on areas like window sills where they can shed their wings. If you notice any indications of damage to the wood, such as cracks or voids, termites are probably already inside your house.

Regularly check the home’s perimeter to halt additional termite damage.

What to Do If You Think There Are Termites

Call a pest control company as soon as you notice termites or signs of termite damage to arrange an inspection. Early discovery is essential to preventing expensive housing damage.

Professionals at Santee Pest Control can inspect your property for termite signs and construct a barrier to keep more termites out for a fraction of the cost of correcting termite damage.

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