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Control & Removal of Bats

It is well known that bats may spread a number of harmful illnesses. They could bring a range of health issues, such as allergies, parasites, and infections if they take refuge in your building. Professional bat removal services from Santee Pest Control Company may be advantageous for your home or place of business. An assessment of your property will be conducted by our highly qualified and trained bat removal specialists, who will then come up with an adaptive solution that is precisely created to handle the bat issue you are now facing. Our plan includes treatment methods that are respectful to the environment and bats and provides protection all year long. In order for you to feel secure leaving your family and pets in your house, we will resolve any bad difficulties you may be having.

Bat management might be troublesome, not to mention that it could endanger your family. The highly skilled and knowledgeable team of bat exterminators at Santee Pest Control Company will ensure that these flying critters won’t be an issue again when our treatments are completed. Our pest control specialists will put on protective clothing to protect them from the filthy environment after using exclusion methods in your home. Your house will stay cleaner thanks to this.


A whole colony of bats will leave your property every night to search for food since they are nocturnal creatures. The bats make a number of short trips throughout the night, barely covering a little distance on each one. Bats use a technique called echolocation to locate sources of food. Bats produce sound waves at frequencies that are beyond the range of human hearing. These frequencies are known as ultrasound, and the sound waves they create as they bounce off different objects in their environment and then reappear to build an image are known as ultra-sound waves. Female bats make up the bulk of bat colonies since male bats prefer to live alone. For the majority of property owners, the existence of these massive colonies might provide a serious difficulty. Bat colonies not only have unpleasant odors from the bats’ waste and urine, but they also create a lot of noise at night when the bats leave their roosts in search of food. The feces from the bats might potentially transmit dangerous diseases like histoplasmosis if the bat colony is large enough. The excrement of the bats carries these diseases. As a result of the property’s state, the owners breathe in the unappealing stench and hazardous dust when they enter and leave the property.


Our expert exterminators will solve your bat problem and locate the problem’s root during the first examination.

Every single one of Santee Pest Control Company’s customers is guaranteed perfect happiness thanks to our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our goal is to properly remove the bats from your home; nevertheless, if you are unhappy with the services we provided, we will always try to find a solution for your issue and will return to your property if required.

Dangers & Risks of Bats

The majority of people are not aware that bats are the main means of rabies transmission in the United States. Some people believe that the higher occurrence of infection is due to the general lack of knowledge and inclination to just avoid animals like raccoons or squirrels. These individuals think that this is the reason why the infection rate is increasing. On the other hand, some people believe that since bats are more nimble than bigger rodents and animals, they are more likely to attack people when they are sleeping. Bats are smaller, which explains this.


Bats are often regarded as being highly clean animals, despite the fact that their urine and droppings have a horrible smell. When it comes to maintaining their hair, bats take great care. As was previously said, urine and droppings that are hidden underneath the bats’ resting locations are the cause of the foul smell that is often associated with bats. However, when left alone, bats are often quite placid and non-aggressive. Bats are capable of turning violent when they sense that they are in danger. Bats are very intelligent animals, and they can detect even the smallest insect in complete darkness because of their echolocation mechanism. Thus, unless specifically prompted by an event, bats often refrain from attacking humans on purpose.

Bat treatments and eradication

Santee Pest Control Company takes great pride in the products it utilizes to solve your bat problem since they are not detrimental to the environment. We will tailor your plan once the operation is complete to make it as effective as possible, and we guarantee that this will lower your stress levels. Because of our extensive expertise, we are well aware of the significance of bats to the ecosystems in which we live. Having said that, if it is at all possible, we will make sure to remove the bats properly and carefully in order to prevent harming them.

Bats are not included

The initial step in the exclusion procedure is to identify the point of entry for the bats into the building. Any areas of your property where there is a good chance that bats are roosting will be checked by our highly trained bat exterminators. Some of the most frequent locations where bats establish roosts are attics, rooflines, wall voids, sheds, and garages. We will seal off any entry points on your property after we have located the bats’ hiding places to prevent them from entering. Additionally, our experts are equipped and knowledgeable enough to reach those challenging-to-get places where the bats reside. Additionally, we take every precaution to get rid of the bats without harming them.

Insect repellents

Most chemical bat repellents are created using ingredients that are similar to mothballs. It becomes harder for bats to breathe when the material is disturbed because it emits dust into the atmosphere. The bats get desperate to find a new habitat as a consequence. The execution of preventative measures designed to minimize human contact with bats will be aided by professionals in bat eradication from Santee Pest Control Company.

Various varieties of bats

Big Brown Bats: These medium-sized, brown bats have darker-colored forelimbs and faces than those of other species of bats. In the US, big brown bats may be found. These bats consume whatever is on their eaves and shutters during the daytime in addition to the insects they consume at night. This particular species of bat is among the most common ones to be found in the western part of the country.

Red bats: A sizable population of red bats may be found across the western part of the United States. They are easily recognized by their crimson fur and extensive distribution. These pests like hiding out during the daylight under the leaves in addition to eating other insects.

California Myotis: The short, tan fur of the California Myotis species of bat is one of its distinguishing features. They are most often seen in the early morning hours when they are searching for insects and hiding in trees and other nooks and crannies.

Elimination of bats

The best way to keep bats out of your house is to plug up any gaps or entryways that they could utilize. In regions that are hard to reach, it is crucial to examine to determine whether bats have already made those spaces their homes. You run the risk of obstructing the entrance and maybe trapping the bats if you don’t do this. The best way to accomplish this is to wait until dusk, at which time you should keep an eye on your entry point(s) to see if any bats are seen flying out of them in search of food.


Additionally, you may prevent bats from entering your house by using sprays manufactured from natural bat repellents. These sprays, which are made from essential oils that bats find unpleasant smelling, may on occasion keep bugs out of certain cracks or areas of the entrance. These essential oils have an unpleasant aroma that repels bats.


Another option is to provide powerful lighting in the areas close to entry points. Bats will most likely escape if a bright light is switched on nearby since they do not enjoy having their sleep cycle disturbed.

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