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Opossum Pest Control

Why do I keep finding possums in my yard?

Large marsupials called opossums used to live in the rural areas around southern California, but people have pushed them out of their natural homes. As cities have grown into rural areas, opossums have had no choice but to adapt to human culture and learn to live close to people. Opossums are often seen near outdoor food and water sources that are easy for them to get to. People say that opossums are drawn to homes in southern California for many different reasons, such as fruit trees, vegetable gardens, trash, pet food, ponds, and lawn pests. Opossums come in a wide range of sizes. Some of them are as big as a house cat, while others are no bigger than a mouse. They are easy to spot because they have long tails that look like those of rodents, hairy bodies, and pointed faces with sharp teeth. Opossums are nocturnal animals that like to stay in dark, safe places like under houses, decks, sheds, and around trash cans. People often get alarmed when they encounter an opossum in the middle of the night since they are such unsightly creatures. Opossums will display their sharp fangs, hiss, and sometimes even pretend to be dead when they feel threatened. Opossums, especially those that have been severely injured, are resilient creatures who can “play possum” to make you believe they are dead. Only skilled specialists should capture opossums since they may transmit illness and everyone else might get ill.

Get rid of any food and water sources that opossums may utilize to make it less likely that they will relocate into your property. Before dark, bring any pet food that was left outdoors inside, and after tossing away garbage, make sure the trash can lid is secure. It is essential to clean up and remove any fruit or vegetables that have fallen into ponds, fruit trees, or gardens.


Opossums Are Destructive

Opossums can find a lot of food in many places, like trash cans, lawn pests, pet food, vegetables, fruit, chickens, other birds kept as pets, and other types of birds. Once they find a source of food, opossums start looking for places to build their dens. It looks like a pregnant opossum has chosen either your attic, crawl space, or wall as her new home. She’s about to have a baby. The way opossums have babies is really bad. Usually, insulation materials are shredded to make a nest, and once the nest is finished, the mother opossum will urinate and defecate in it to mark her territory. The owner may wind up shelling out hundreds or even thousands of dollars to clean up and repair the damage the opossum does the longer it remains in the attic. Businesses, homeowners, and property management companies must hire professionals as soon as possible to get rid of possums from their properties.

Opossum Removal & Exclusion

Santee Pest Control Company helps get rid of opossums by removing them, trapping them, and taking steps to keep them from coming back. If opossums have caused damage to your home or business, we also offer cleaning services and restoration work. To get the greatest results, we recommend beginning immediately away with a preventative maintenance plan to deter opossums from returning. We also offer services every two months and every three months, in addition to one-time services. If you have any queries concerning possum removal, please contact the number above as soon as possible.

Changing the insulation on the TAP

We will remove the potentially dangerous urine and excrement that the opossums left behind after they have departed your property. We’ll remove the damaged insulation and make repairs. Afterwards, we’ll swap it out with insulation that includes TAP insect control. An insulating material that shields against heat, noise, and vermin is called TAP Insulation. TAP is a form of insulation created from natural fibers that have undergone a boric acid treatment to make it more fire-resistant, thermally efficient, quieter, and pest-resistant forever. TAP kills ants, cockroaches, millipedes, silverfish, spiders, termites, and a range of other pests, yet it is safe to use close to people and animals. This device not only prevents unwanted animals from entering your house, but it also keeps it cool and cozy in the summer and warm in the winter.


Some quick facts about opossums' habits


The nocturnally active opossum consumes plants, various small animals, rodents, and sometimes reptiles. In areas near food and water supplies, they’ll congregate in groups. A possum will either display its fangs, hiss, or pretend to be dead if it feels threatened. Opossums are resilient creatures who are able to hide their wounds from possible predators by seeming lifeless while having severe wounds.


Opossums seek small, dark hiding places away from predators and other animals. They often make their homes behind trash cans, under decks, in garages or sheds, in attics, and in other unusual places. They will stay and reproduce as long as food and water are available.


Opossums can make a big mess on your property by digging through trash, dirt, and compost piles. Sometimes they will use the insulation in your attic to build a nest, and then they will urinate in that area to mark it as their territory. They have also been seen eating food meant for pets and small birds like hens. Fleas can also be passed from one opossum to another. The more time you take to treat them, the more possums you will have to get rid of in the end.


It is crucial to have a skilled expert trap and remove opossums since they are known to transmit illness and other pests like fleas and bed bugs. Santee Pest Management Company may eliminate opossums by removing, capturing, and implementing preventative measures against their re-entry. We also provide cleaning services and repair work if opossums have damaged your house or place of business. We advise beginning an immediate preventative maintenance strategy to deter opossums from returning to get the greatest outcomes. In addition to once-off treatments, we provide services every two and three months. Call us immediately at the number above if you have any inquiries concerning possum removal.



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