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Controlling Bird Mites | Santee Pest Control

Controlling Bird Mites

Birds constantly struggle with a common but little understood issue: mites. The small arthropods known as bird mites feed exclusively on the blood of birds. Itchy bites from mites can lead to further skin issues. In most cases, having the problem handled by professionals makes it easy to free your birds of mites. But first, folks need to have a foundational understanding of the pests.

Why do birds have mites? 

The residents of Escondido should start by inquiring about this. Parasitic bugs called bird mites feed exclusively on the blood of birds. In order to gain access to their hosts, mites frequently congregate in close proximity to their dwellings. Humans are susceptible to the itchy, skin-damaging bites that bird mites deliver.

Is That a Bird Mite I See Before Me? 

Bird mites resemble little gray fleas and are quite tiny. As a general rule, the mites.Their bodies are grayish-oval in shape, and they have eight legs. Their length ranges from 4 mm to 0.5 mm. They may be diminutive in size, yet they are not hidden from plain view. 

How do you know if birds have mites?

There are some telltale symptoms that indicate a bird mite infestation. At first, the insects were visible to the naked eye. They’re tiny, jet black, and extremely swift. Bites can cause skin to become red and irritated. 

Bird Mites on People

Bites from bird mites are painful but rarely dangerous to humans. Bird mites don’t pose a health risk to humans, but their bites can result in itchy, red lumps. Bird mites, it should be noted, are more active while their host is at rest. This means that people are more likely to be bitten as they sleep, which may cause some people to misidentify bed bugs as mites because of how similar they look. 

Where can I find avian mites? 

Bird mites, as the name implies, mostly feed on birds. Bird bugs can quickly transition to new hosts if necessary. For instance, the bird mite will need to find a new host once the bird has died because the blood will no longer be circulating. The host can be any living thing, including a human, that eats the dead bird. 

Mites on Roosters

Owners of chickens should take measures to eliminate mites as part of their regular cleaning of the chicken coop because a different sort of bird mite is commonly discovered on chickens. Whole flocks can be wiped out by an outbreak, and everyone who comes into contact with infected birds is at risk of becoming a host themselves. 

The Best Way to Treat Bird Mites?

Mites on birds can rapidly spread, therefore early detection and treatment is essential. Due to their diminutive size, pests are notoriously difficult to eradicate, necessitating, in most cases, more than one thorough treatment. You might be able to get rid of a tiny infestation by applying miticides meticulously to all the affected locations. Fumigation may be necessary, though, if the infestation is extensive.

Cars, bags, and other portable items that could aid in the transmission of the mites should also be treated. Experts in bird mite control typically advise homeowners to employ multiple strategies to ensure that the pests are eradicated from the home and don’t return, as they may survive for extended periods of time without food.

Help for Removing Bird Mites Is Available. 

Bird mites are a serious problem, but few people understand this or know how to eliminate them. Santee Pest Control has employees who are well-versed in the perils posed by bird mites and will advise you on how to eliminate them. The only way to get rid of the problem and prevent it from recurring again is to consult with experts who know how to cure bird mites. Our pest control specialists are here today to provide you with a no-obligation estimate.

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