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Things that Can Help You Get Rid of Bugs at Home

Things that Can Help You Get Rid of Bugs at Home

Even if they don’t bother you, bugs can ruin a quiet dinner outside. But did you know that normal, everyday things you do can help keep pests away? In nature, many smells that are pleasant serve a useful purpose: they keep bugs away from plants. Find out more about the smells that keep bugs away.

Bug-Repelling Decorations

Some powerful bug sprays may already be in your medicine cabinet. Some common household things that keep bugs away are:  


Any product with citronella in it will work to keep flies and other bugs away. Some people use citronella lights to keep bugs away from their homes. People sometimes put citronella oil on their clothes to keep bugs away. People like the smell of citronella, but insects don’t. You can get citronella sprays for your home that can quickly and easily fill the air with its scent.

Menthol Oil

Peppermint oil is something that most people have at home these days. It will be used to treat skin problems, severe depression, and other illnesses. Peppermint oil can also be used to keep bugs away. Most people like how peppermint oil smells, but most bugs avoid it like the plague. Also, a lot of insects die because of this. Some pests are easy to get rid of, while others can be kept away by leaving small amounts around the house, especially in “hot spots” where bugs tend to gather.

Tea Tree Oil

This is another great essential oil that will keep bugs away. Most people will probably like how tea tree oil smells, which is like pine. Tea tree oil can be used right away on many things around the house. When tea tree oil is put on a cloth, it gives off a strong smell that keeps pests away.

Vanilla Extract

Vanilla essence doesn’t smell good to mosquitoes and other flying bugs. Vanilla extract can be put on the skin without hurting it, so some people use it to keep bugs away. Vanilla oil can be used to clean things around the house without hurting them. Vanilla essence has a strong smell that will keep bugs away, but the locals won’t mind. 


Pests stay away from places where garlic has been used because it smells so strong. Mosquitoes are less likely to bite people who eat garlic often because the smell of garlic is stronger when people are sweating. In a similar way, putting garlic roots all over the house can help. Most people can’t smell the smell of fresh garlic, but mosquitoes that we’re trying to get rid of find it very strong. 

Fabric Softener

Pests will stop bothering people in and around their homes as soon as they use fabric softener sheets. Linalool is a substance that can be found in many fabric softeners on the market today. The strong smell of the chemical keeps mosquitoes and other flying bugs away.

If people don’t want to buy brand-new sheets of fabric softener, the used ones must still work. Even if you use a cloth softener sheet, the linalool may still be there. By using this method, people can not only easily get rid of bugs, but they can also use the fabric dryer sheets over and over again. 


Eucalyptus has been used for a long time to treat a wide range of illnesses. It does a great job of getting rid of bugs and other pests. A small rag soaked in eucalyptus oil can often make a big difference when put in a place where bugs like to gather.


Not always is it a good idea to use herbs to get rid of bugs. In rare cases, bleach might help people get rid of bugs that are bothersome. Spray detergent that has been softened will work. After diluting the soap solution, you can use it to spray flies and other animals out of a room. 

Pest Repellants

There are other good things that can happen around the house when you use smells that keep insects away. People are more likely to buy homes that smell good. With these plans to reduce the number of insects, many people will be able to reuse their old soap and fabric softener sheets. Getting rid of bugs in a way that doesn’t hurt animals is ideal and possible. These everyday things hurt animals, but not people.

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