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How Do I Know If Bed Bugs Are Infesting My Home?

Bed bugs are among the ugliest pests. They are natural travelers and may quickly spread through clothing and luggage to new homes, offices, hotels, airplanes, and even retail enterprises. We’ll go through the warning signs that bed bugs are infesting your home in this blog to assist you in knowing when to call the experts at Santee Pest Control for bed bug control.

 Signs to look for:

  • Bed bug bites on your legs and arms.
  • Small black stains on your sheets and mattress.
  • Bed bug exoskeletons or eggs around your bed.
  • Active monitors can alert you to bed bugs.

Inspections for bed bugs are free in the Phoenix metro region. Contact our staff right now to get started.

Bed bug infestation in your home: 4 warning indications

If you see any of these bed insect warning signs in your home, contact our team

1. Bed bug bites

There is no question that this is how people find out whether they have bed bugs. These bloodsucking insects often live in your bed because it gives them easy access to blood late at night.

Since bed bug bites don’t hurt, you often only realize you’ve been bitten the following day. But bed bug saliva triggers an allergic reaction in your skin, leaving painful, blazing welts where the bites occurred.

Problems arise when homeowners attempt to distinguish between bed bug bites and mosquito bites. Record the instances and places where you were bitten as one tactic. Contact Santee Pest Control if you observe that your hands and feet, which are frequent targets for bed bugs, are where the bulk of your bites are located.

2. Bed bug defecation

We’ll try not to scare you, but this is a great technique to identify bed bugs from other sources of insect bites. Lift your mattress up and carefully examine it and the box spring. Bed bugs may be visible to you, or you may only see their feces. The reddish-brown streaks are bed bug excrement. (The image below depicts how they look.)

Yes, this is rather disgusting. Additionally, knowing what to check for while doing your examination could be challenging. We advise you to contact Santee Pest Control for a free bed bug inspection to ease your concerns.

3. Exoskeletons and eggs

Bed bugs slough off their skin. Therefore, bed bugs are present if an exoskeleton is found close to a bed frame or mattress. Exoskeletons are often seen in outlets, dresser drawers, and picture frames. They often hide in cracks where they molt. Bed bug eggs are typically 1 mm in size and white, so watch for them.

4. Active monitors

Bed bugs secrete skin. So, bed bugs are present if you find an exoskeleton next to a bed frame or mattress. Picture frames, outlets, and dresser drawers are familiar places for exoskeletons. Whenever they molt, they often hide in crevices. Usually, bed bug eggs are 1 mm in length and are white.

Call Santee Pest Control to schedule your free bed bug inspection.

Using cutting-edge tools and years of experience, our pest control professionals carefully inspect your home for bed bugs. If you do, our professionals can help you completely eradicate the infestation. Chemicals bought in the shop won’t function. Regarding bed bugs, you need an expert on your side.

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