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If you are looking for a fun activity to do with your friends and family, the Santee Drive-In is the place to go. At the Santee Drive-In, you can watch two movies of your choice each night for one affordable price. Check out our newest features: snack bar and playground! No need to dine in a restaurant, just grab some snacks at our on-site snack bar and enjoy watching your favorite blockbusters on our giant screen in the privacy of your own car. The Santee Drive-In is open seven days a week every year!


In a drive-in theater or drive-in cinema, an outdoor movie screen, a projection booth, a snack bar, and an ample parking lot are all included. Customers can watch movies in their automobiles while they’re parked in this secure location. There are some drive-ins that offer little playgrounds for youngsters and a few picnic tables or seats available.


There are a variety of screen options, from a basic white painted wall to a complicated steel truss structure. At first, the movie’s sound was provided by a screen speaker and later by a speaker attached to a tiny pole that hung from the window of each car. Microbroadcasting the soundtrack to car radios has replaced these speaker systems. As a bonus, automobile audio systems often have a far better sound quality and fidelity than the simple little mono speakers that were utilized in the earlier systems. A fantastic read.


When you think of a movie theater, you usually imagine reclining chairs and large screen TVs. Our drive-in is just like that with two big screen TV’s. We also have double features! That means as soon as one movie ends, the next one starts right away. You don’t have to miss a second of the action. Another fun thing about our theater is our nostalgic atmosphere! If you enjoy listening to nostalgic music while watching the movies, you don’t need to worry if you forget your speakers or radio, they have it there in Santee Drive-In Threater. It’s good to arrive early on Friday and Saturday nights so you can get a good spot! And if you have your own food and drink, please note that some of the vendors may not be allowed since we do not allow outside food or drink for health reasons. Next blog post >>>


If you have never been to a Drive-In theater, then you are missing out on something special in life. At Santee Drive-In Theater, they serve traditional movie theater snack bar food throughout the entirety of each movie. Some of their menu items include hot dogs, hamburgers, pizza, candy, popcorn, soda, coffee and so much more! All of their food and drinks are made in each location before your movie starts. That way you can be sure to get them piping hot and fresh! Their prices are very reasonable as well. 

Santee Drive-In Theatre is a great place for a movie night with friends! Bringing a large group to one of our screenings? Let them know and they’ll work with you to make it happen. Events involving a large number of people are permitted Sunday through Thursday evenings (no holidays). The only way to book your event with them is to complete the form on their contact page and send an email to our Event Director. A minimum of 20 individuals is required. No Private Theater Rentals Allowed.

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