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Can Bed Bugs Be Killed With Heat?

Can Bed Bugs Be Killed With Heat?

Heat treatments are often used as an effective method for eliminating bed insect infestations. It’s vital to keep in mind that improperly executed heat treatments may not be effective in eliminating bed bugs.

The Bed Bugs’ Summertime Routine

Although eliminating bed bugs is notoriously challenging, it is not impossible. Extreme heat can kill bed bugs if it is applied consistently over a lengthy period of time. Temperatures of 113 degrees Fahrenheit or greater, maintained for 90 minutes, are necessary to kill bed bugs. Higher temperatures can hasten the death of bed bugs, but only a trained expert should attempt this.

Can you get rid of bed bugs with heat at home?

It’s understandable to want immediate relief from bed bugs, and many individuals do so by turning first to DIY methods. People frequently try to get rid of bed bugs by using hair dryers, heaters, and portable electric warmers. But how effective are these at-home remedies likely to be?

If you wish to use heat on your own to kill bed bugs, keep in mind the following:

  • Bed bugs are notoriously resistant to pesticides, insecticide sprays, and even heat. Due to their diminutive size, bed bugs may conceal themselves in virtually any crevice. They can enter your home through the cracks in your walls or your bed’s box spring or seams. If you don’t seal up all exits and entrances and keep watch, they can escape and return.
  • It may be challenging to determine the exact temperature of your heat source. It can be difficult to determine if the temperature is too high while using a conventional space heater. However, if your device gets too hot, it could burn down your house or destroy other items that can’t withstand high temperatures.
  • Linens and sheets infested with bed bugs can be rendered bed bug-free by drying them in a dryer. Any functional device ought to be able to get hot enough to kill bed bugs. The amount of laundry that can be dried in a standard dryer is limited. However, if you immediately throw everything that can be dried in a dryer into the dryer after returning from a trip, you can reduce the likelihood of bringing bed bugs into your house. This is an excellent method for preventing bed bugs from infesting furniture, but it won’t help with an existing infestation.

Additional Methods for Eliminating Bed Bugs


Fumigating your home or building involves spraying it with large quantities of extremely concentrated chemicals to kill any remaining bed bugs. Only licensed professionals should do fumigations, and not all exterminators provide this service. We are fortunate to have access to professionals who are well-versed in many methods for eliminating bed bugs, including tape-and-seal fumigations, covered fumigations, and more.


Liquid treatments can be effective against bed bugs in some situations. However, it is common practice to combine this approach with other treatments. A professional pest inspector can advise you on whether or not this tactic should be included in your bed bug elimination strategy.

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